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How many times have we seen a presidential debate bring up abortion? Some wanting to raise the legal limit to abort babies; while others are want to cancel out abortion all together. Some people find their selves stuck with the question of who is right and who is wrong? What people should really be asking their selves is what is right and what is wrong? At the end of the day though people are forced to pick a side. At the end of the day it is injudicious because, studies show life begins at conception, there are parents out there who would love to have these children and you are taking the life of something living. Studies show that life begins at conception. You are making a choice to become intimate with someone. Everyone should be fully aware of the consequences of what could happen without using the right protection. This is all included in studies that prove life begins with conception. In the book of Genesis 4:1 it reads, “Now the man had relations with his wife Eve, and she conceived and gave birth to Cain.” They had the relation and they had a child. The author of Job 3:3 states, “Let the day …show more content…

Your body begins to adjust to the tiny human growing inside them. Most begin developing morning sickness also certain body parts begin to get tender. (Hall, 2005) Katie Long, was pregnant for three weeks and could already tell there was something wrong with her body. Her smell was heightened, her skin was glowing and she was nauseous. She automatically new to take a pregnancy test, she had chosen to be intimate with someone and new this could be a possibility. She found out at three weeks she was pregnant. That little baby the size of a thumbnail was changing her that much, all because that little baby is a living person. The tiny human can grow. You can hear its heart beat. All factors into it is a living human. (Hall,

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