Persuasive Essay On Abortion Pro Life

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“Choices made, whether bad or good, follow you forever and affect everyone in their path one way or another.” ― J.E.B. Spredemann. In life we go through different phases, in which we make choices that were planned or not, sometimes without thinking before acting. They’re many examples I could give, but I do have a specific one that I am aiming for. It is a much known controversial topic. The issue between a human being’s decision upon an embryo or fetus, on the line of life or death. Although we do not know the story behind why? I believe that it is a wrong doing for the person to get involved and wanting to terminate something that is already living. Many don’t understand nor know about the consequences, health risks, and the fetal growth. I strongly believe that for the next presidential candidate should be opposed to abortion. I strongly hope the next president is opposed to abortion and considers making changes in our current laws. In the first place, the creation of an embryo is very simple to comprehend. We all know that for …show more content…

Not only have they made an unborn infant leave from this world, but also they may have caused damage to their lives. In fact, many do not know that there are several unhealthy risks that can occur during the process of ending a life or even after it has happened. We know there are two different types of damage: Physical and Mental or death. Physically there can be damage to the cervix, uterus problems, organ damage, and in the future preterm labor. After they were settled down with their house, career and spouse. What if they wanted to have kids then? In the event of their actions the consequence could be the difficulty having their own child, because the cervix that has become weak. In the moment some might just be cold hearted, but in the aftermath the person can really have a mental breakdown or psychological

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