Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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The mother’s womb is the safest place for a baby to be in. It protects him from all of the dangers of the outside, and the baby is fed and warmed by the mother. He is in a comfortable place, and has everything that he needs. He enjoys being there and calmly waits to go out to see the world, so why do we have to disturb him? If you ask a person about murder, they would probably respond that it is bad and should not happen, but what if you ask them about abortion? Is not abortion murdering a baby in the comfortable and safe womb of the mother? This issue has caused many discussions, because even though it is obvious that you are killing a baby, people do not consider it as murder. Abortion is painfully taking a baby´s right to live just because the embryos are not considered human beings. God created us in his image,which gives us a value, and we do not determine if a baby has the right to live based on how we think humans are. All humans have thought on the idea of abortion, and how painful that is to a baby. Pro-choice people say that babies cannot feel pain before the twentieth week, and make the procedures of abortion before the twentieth week most of the time. Research has shown that babies are fully developed at the twentieth week, and can feel pain and recognize things. “And bans on abortions starting at eighteen to twenty weeks of pregnancy, premised on the dubious assertion that fetuses can feel pain at this stage” (Borgmann). As a matter of fact, babies start to

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