Persuasive Essay On Censorship In Schools

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Free speech is an essential component in the core beliefs of our country. It is the first amendment in the Bill of Rights for the very reason that it was of utmost importance to our founding fathers. Free speech allows for differing ideas, welcomed contention, and the right of the people to call out or question their government and officials in needed circumstances. It is crucial in maintaining any sort of true democracy and should be protected wholeheartedly by us as citizens. Unfortunately however, through the use of censorship, our freedom of speech is being undermined and ultimately controlled by that of our government. Books are being removed from classrooms, curriculums are altered as to not offend, and government officials are withholding documents for no reason. Censorship in government is widely unnecessary and is put into place …show more content…

It was first exercised by the US government in the eighteenth century entirely unjustly. This expanded into more and more control and led eventually to the censorship of broadcasts into American Homes. As technology advanced, more and more broadcasts were made available, subsiding the need to control these select few transmissions. However, instead of taking a step back, the government took a lunge forward into further controlling the ideas of its citizens. Today we see censorship affecting the education of our future generation of American adults. They are shielded from essential literature and scientific values simply in the name of protection. Furthermore, citizens rights are being infringed on by our own government yet they are able to justify their actions and walk clean nearly every time, and when other's choose to reveal such info, they are persecuted to the highest extent and heavily regarded as traitors. These are just some of the many reasons censorship in government is widely unnecessary and is put into place mainly for the purpose of

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