Persuasive Essay On Democracy And Surveillance

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Democracy and surveillance are contradictory. While the first attracts, the second repels. Democracy signifies all that is laudable and reassuring about governance; surveillance is regarded as a sinister force that threatens personal liberties. Surveillance is often a violation of privacy and has been opposed by civil liberty groups and activists. Liberal democracies have laws that restrict the governments’ use of surveillance, usually restricted to circumstances where public safety is endangered. Democracy involves a system of open procedures for making decisions in which all members have an equal right to speak and have their opinions heard. Democracy is about practices designed to ensure the fair and equitable operation of participatory decision-making. It recognizes the interests of the majority while protecting the concerns of the minority. Democracy lends scope for open discussion between competing views. Democracies are accountable to the media, legislature and citizens. Accountability implies that citizens need access to a range of information about actions of their representatives and a free press to assess governance. Legislation on civil liberties, human rights and the right to information are intended to protect such arrangements and strike a balance between competing interests. All liberal democracies zealously protect the rights of communication and participation. The rights to privacy, freedom of expression and information that constitute the wall of defence

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