Persuasive Essay On Education

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It is essential that younger generations receive a quality education. Children all over the United States of America are being deprived of their schooling. Not all schools receive equal funding. Kids who grow up in less wealthy areas are less likely to receive a good education. Children are being set up for failure. They 're funding is based on the wealth of the area they live in. Kids who might have excelled in certain areas with the right tutoring will never get the opportunity to without the proper funding. This is a shame to see talent going to waste. Think of all of the possibilities that these children could have created for the world with the right education. The United States has to invest in the youth. Keep the chain going to better the standard of life. That 's what the future is all about. We must improve on our previous generations to make the world a better place to live in. The United States must rehaul the out of date education system to compete with other top nations to give children an opportunity to education with equal funding so they can learn to the best of their ability. Bruce Biddle a well known doctor with over 30 years of experience explains throughout his article that in the United states, we are the only advanced nation to fund our education with local property taxes. Considering the size of our country, this is sad to see the proportion of taxes that go to our education compared to other countries. The United States lacks knowledge on the

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