Persuasive Essay On Fahrenheit 451 Be Censored

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In school, we are taught certain things that the schools’ want us to learn, but there are certain things they don’t teach us. Every person in this world, has the right to know about things and learn, whether it’s in school, or they teach themselves things that we aren’t taught in school. In the story, “Fahrenheit 451”, every person is censored and they aren’t allowed to read books, because the government does not allow them to, and there are firemen that burn all the books so no one will get a hold of them. In our time, the 21st century, we are censored from certain things the government does not want us to know, which is unfair because something could be going on in the world and only the government knows about it, so how are we supposed to …show more content…

We, the people, have every right to know about what’s going on in our town and in the world because if the people got together, we could end so many things, such as the drought, the kids in Africa who are starving, and we probably can’t bring world peace, but we could have a better world if we tried. Although It’s not fair that we don’t get to know what’s going on half the time, the worst case scenario is that everyone will go crazy. In the story, “Fahrenheit 451”, it states, “He wanted above all, like the old joke, to shove a marshmallow on a stick in the furnace, while the flapping pigeon-winged books died on the porch and lawn of the house” (Bradbury 3). When you read this, you see this as a man who is probably daydreaming about wanting to roast marshmallows and possibly sitting at a fireplace, but when you really dissect the sentence and read the sentences before that, it clearly says that he enjoyed burning the books that he took from people, because no one is allowed to read any sort of books. Another quote from the story says, “They crashed the front door and grabbed at a woman, though she was not running, she was not trying to escape” (Bradbury 35). As you can see, these Firmen take their job seriously when it comes to people not being able to read. It says that they grabbed the woman, first of all, that’s no way to to treat a woman, and they basically broke the front door just do they could get the …show more content…

won’t tell us, we have to take matters into our own hands. There are some things that I’ve asked my teachers and they say “I don’t know”, and then I ask my parents, and they also say “I don’t know”, I know they know, but they never want to tell me, so that’s when I go on the internet and check by myself. An example would be is that my mom used to say she thinks I have schizophrenia, and I was so confused because I didn’t know what it was, so I looked it up and it was when someone has severe depression, hears voices, and has anxiety, there are many more symptoms, but after that I told my mom I didn’t because I only have anxiety, not those other symptoms. The story asserts, “He felt as if he had left a stage behind and many actors. He felt as if he had left the great seance and all the murmuring ghosts. He was moving from an unreality that was unreal because it was new”, (Bradbury 140). This shows that Montag finally found out for himself, what those books said and he stopped burning books because of it. The way it describes of how he feels after he escapes that world, he finally sees reality and knows what things are, rather than being

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