Persuasive Essay On Forced Marriage

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Every year forced marriage sentences millions of women and young children to a life in slavery. It’s a crime that’s widespread, but rarely spoken about – a crime that flourishes in the shadows of society. The UN says that forced marriage is likely to increase in the coming years unless major changes occur. Due to stigma and lack of awareness about forced marriages, many people do not report cases of forced marriages. We can help ensure that people at risk and their families know that forced marriage happens, forced marriage is illegal and activists around the world are taking a stand to end the practice forever. Forwardly, the dilemma is addressed with references and happening globally. Forced Marriages are compared to Arranged marriages with the motives defined and changing of the meaning of marriage in today’s world from opposite sex to same-sex marriages. Judicial stance on this issue with the voices filed under the human rights slogan, deeming over a little on Islamic and Sharia law. The pros and cons in a society for a couple and the myths and facts hounding the families to commit a crime of honor in the name of forced marriage. GIRLS NOT BRIDES ‘Forced marriage is a means of controlling female sexuality and women’s autonomy. It involves coercion, mental abuse and emotional blackmail, and intense social pressure. In the most extreme cases, it may also involve physical violence, abduction, false imprisonment, rape or sexual abuse, and murder.’ (Hossain & Turner, 2000)
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