Literature Review On Intimate Partner Violence

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Jacquelyn C. Campbell defines intimate partner violence as “physical or sexual assault, or both,” of a spouse or sexually intimate partner. She speaks about how damaging this type of violence can be to women. Campbell provided information from past studies to explain why interventions and assessments should be increased in health-care settings to identify more of these situations.
The author looked at information from the past decade and used only the surveys that were in English. She carefully reviewed sample-size and population based data. When discussing health problems associated with forced sex, Campbell referred to an important self-reported population based study. She also cited an interview-based source that reported these violent acts playing a part in unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.
Campbell did not specify that these acts only happen to one gender. Although she spoke how intimate partner violence is toward a woman, it happens to men as well. …show more content…

Interventions and assessments do not always persuade victims who are emotionally involved. This study did not talk about the emotional connection these women have with their abusers. This may be due to it being socially acceptable or that they feel they will not be loved by anyone else so they let it happen.
In past articles, we have discussed how socioeconomic status and educational properties play a role in how a person may carry out their life. In this article, educated women were more likely to leave an abuser than a lesser educated woman. Higher education levels can play a part in how successful one may be in life. Someone not completing college may fall into the wrong crowd and not have a good paying job. A woman who does not have this education to fall back on could lack direction and confidence, and may seek comfort in the arms of someone who takes advantage of her because she is

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