Genetically Modified Foods Persuasive Essay

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We are currently living in the modern world and technology is just too fast that some people couldn 't catch up. It is not just about the gadgets and appliances that people use, it is also in the food the we eat. Foods nowadays are genetically modified so that they would be more resistant to disease, they would be more nutritious to eat, and sometimes for certain foods to be able to grow basically anytime and anywhere. Genetically modifying foods has been approved by the Food and the Drug Administration, however, there are certain recent studies where experts found out that foods that are genetically modified are actually harmful to the health, as well as the environment, but apparently, there has been an agreement regarding the genetically modified foods, and some are not too harmful, and these are the ones that can actually be eaten. Then again, no one really knows how these type of foods would affect a human being for the long run, they just know that it is ok for people to eat. However, if you happen to live in Europe, it is actually easier to avoid genetically modified foods because it is part of their law to label the foods that has been genetically modified. In countries like the United States and Canada, manufacturers doesn 't need to indicate if a …show more content…

If you are in the United States or Canada, the government doesn 't really require manufacturers to have their products labeled if they 're genetically modified. Keep in mind that foods that has been genetically modified are completely fine to eat, hence, why it has been approved by the government. It just so happen that it is still safer to eat organic foods compare to foods that are grown

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