Happiness Informative Speech

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Happiness is not feeling good all the time, having more money and affording everything you want, not a final destination. Then what actually is happiness?
People have agonized over this question for ages, but now today science has begun to weigh in on the debate. Many people think that getting what you want is happiness, being more rich is happiness which helps you buy every branded cloth, phone, make-up, shoe, being mentally satisfied is happiness, but no there are things beyond these desires which actually sum up happiness.
If feeling good was the only requirement to happiness, then a person who uses cocaine daily is “happy”, the answer would be yes. Research has suggested that if you only focused on feeling good all the time than you might undermine your ability to feel good, in simpler words, no amount of feeling good will be enough for you. Living under the poverty line wouldn’t give you much happiness, and if you unexpectedly get a $10,000/year, you’ll be happy temporarily with this amount of money, as your desires will lead to a new height of increased budget and certainly your …show more content…

If you know the tools for happiness, then you’ll make it work like magic
Happiness might be in the smallest of the things but sometimes the material things won’t give you permanent feeling of joy, you might be happy with those things for a shorter time but it won’t be long lasting. Just as learning new skills requires effort, you will have to strive and work hard to achieve real, long lasting happiness.

2. If you are satisfied with everything you’ve, you might lose the motivation to achieve more and be more happy
Happiness is something that boosts up your energy. If you ask someone who has a sports car, you’d ask him to go out for racing, and he’d be as excited as you. But if you ask someone who is depressed he’ll be trying to delay this as much as he can. So happy people are more passionate, motivated and

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