Persuasive Essay On Happiness

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People always ask the question “How are you today?” and the response always given out is the generic “good.” Unlike asking the question “How have you been feeling lately?” as to say are you happy, are you enjoying life. To be happy is to feel or show pleasure or contentment in one 's life. Nobody absolutely knows the authentic meaning of happiness, many people have tried to figure it out but not obtain an accurate finding for it. Happiness can not be achieved if other emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, nervousness, etc. are not being utilized. To have happiness other emotions are key to having a good mental health state of mind. To achieve happiness people must appreciate the other emotions because they keep balance and help achieve a sane…show more content…
Correspondingly, the excessive amount of happiness may suppress the appreciation for other feelings. Many people hide their true emotions with a facade of happiness. They feel as though being happy is better than letting any other feelings come to the surface. This is not to say that all positive emotions or happiness is to be omitted from your feelings. According to Susan David, she wants people to keep “the pursuit of happiness in perspective,” but she also wants people to see “negative emotions in a new and more accepting light,” (Don’t Worry Be Gloomy). A person may use laughter as an outward expression of happiness to deny their hurt or angered or pained feeling. It is their coping mechanism for other emotions that are needed to be released. To much unreleased pained can be detrimental to the state of mind. This goes back to not appreciating the need for negative emotions. These negative emotions help keep your mental health in good condition. Meaning sometimes crying or feeling hurt needs to happen to relieve the mental hold of the situation. Susan David research states, “An excess of freewheeling giddiness and a relative absence of more sober emotions can even be a marker for mania, a dangerous symptom of psychological illness,” (Don’t Worry Be Gloomy). True happiness needs support from of other feelings to be identified and

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