Persuasive Essay On Hiroshima

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Could you ever image seeing a flash of light and having an entire building crash right on top of you? That was the reality of the people in Hiroshima when they were hit with a nuclear bomb in World War II. A nuclear bomb is an explosive device that blows up due to nuclear reactions. Hiroshima- a city in Japan had an explosion from the first ever nuclear bomb to be used in war causing lots of damage to the city and people. Before the nuclear bomb Hiroshima was a beautiful little city in Japan where people went to visit, shop, and live. People rode their bikes, pushed wagons, walked and rode their boats down the river. They all had an idea something was going to happen from hearing about it on the radio and all the talk around town. Not knowing the exact time something was going to happen was horrifying for the people all over. The nuclear bomb that hit Hiroshima not only destroyed the environment but also destroyed the lives of both the people killed and the survivors that lost so much that day. As the bomb went off, the beautiful city of Hiroshima was destroyed within seconds. The immediate heat that had reached up to ten million degrees celsius combined with the blinding flash of light from the bomb is when the citizens of Hiroshima knew it was the end. “Everything flashed whiter than white she had ever seen.” (Hersey 1169) said a survivor from the bombing. Some of the people didn 't die from the bomb itself but from the falling buildings and tree debris. The blast

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