Persuasive Essay On Lord Of The Flies

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Most humans are like beasts in Lord Of The Flies by William Golding is mainly about how humans can be just like one.The novel Lord Of The Flies was written In the year 1954,and during this time the Cold War was happening.The book affects this because it's letting people know how humans can be so evil and others not,for the time of the cold war the nations were allies and then turning against each other.Just as jack and Ralph were friends,then became foes.In the book of Lord Of The Flies a couple of childern were stranded on an island with no growns to help them survive since no one was there to watch out for them,they had to survive on their own.The two characters Ralph and Jack have similarites in the beginning then later in the novel they start to become less alike,showing how each changes over time due to the environment they are put in.How humans become when fear takes …show more content…

In the beginning of Lord Of The Flies Jack was different before the end because he was willing to agree with Ralph in order to survive.Since Jack was agreeing with Ralph about most things, They both wanted to be the leader of the tribe because each of them seemed fit to be a leader. How the readers know Jack and Ralph were getting along was what they both show “Jack and Ralph smiled at each other shy linking”(Golding 22)They both seemed to be getting along before the end of “Lord Of The Flies.” Then Ralph at the beginning also of Lord Of The Flies was also not the same before the end of Lord Of The Flies and the way he acted in the beginning shows the reader how he is different from the end.While Ralph was with piggy,and had not met anyone else he was calm,for he was enjoying being on the island “Ralph did a surface dive and swam underwater with his eyes open” (Golding 13).Ralph was not worried about anything except to be rescued,but besides that he was

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