Persuasive Essay On Minimum Wage

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Has California Made a Mistake in leading Minimum Wage Hike
California has pride itself in being the leader of the nation on technological advances, political reform and now the minimum wage. On April 4th of 2016, Governor Jerry Brown hesitantly signed the mandate wage that will bring considerable changes to our state’s economic potency and outcomes. He did it with a statement that seemed controversial in the eyes of many, emphasizing the moral, philosophical, and social benefits of the minimum wage but also acknowledging complex and paradoxical effects on the economy. Governor Jerry Brown is not at fault in having his personal doubts on the overall effectiveness of state minimum wage to help “parents take care of their kids” (his inaugural …show more content…

Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton have both embraced a 15 dollar minimum wage hike and interestingly enough, in a recent interview Donald Trump said that he cannot believe how “anyone could live with 7.25 an hour” and believes the states should take it upon themselves to increase the wage locally. It would be truly remarkable if one individual could live in Los Angeles (or Long Beach for that matter) with the current minimum wage of 10 dollars without having to share living expenses with others in the same household, or working multiple jobs. Nevertheless, with current economic conditions around the world it is hard for California and the United States to compete in low wage paying jobs that do not require much skills. In light of this fact I feel that the purpose of the minimum wage (which was established back in the great depression and had the goal of creating a minimum standard of living where all workers health and wellbeing was protected) should change to meet the demands and reality of our changing economic environment. Instead of being a labor price that psychologically gives individuals the liberty to buy a house, car, and some leisure, as many families think (especially as they mistakenly reflect back on the 1950’s) it should reflect the condition of the economy as a whole,

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