Persuasive Essay On Obesity In Schools

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Research has found that obesity and obesity related illnesses have been increasing at an alarmingly high rate. With illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease on the rise, a major concern is our children and setting healthy and positive examples for them. Parents are setting boundaries and examples at home, but what can the government do to help fight obesity throughout communities across the nation? Laws for healthier food options at school or fast food restaurants should be mandated, and insurance should step in and offer incentives for heathier living. The government should offer more help funding programs and giving aid to end the obesity epidemic in America. Recently Michelle Obama spoke to the NAACP …show more content…

These towns are usually over looked for opportunities for expansion with better grocery stores and non-chain restaurants. “And there is no doubt that this is a serious problem. It’s one that’s affecting every community across this country” (Obama 420). Take for example, the small town of Manchester, Kentucky, “Manchester’s defining feature: In an increasingly unhealthy country, it is one of the unhealthiest places of all” (Haygood 407). Author of “Kentucky Town of Manchester Illustrates National Obesity Crisis” claims the city has a national obesity rate at 24%, Manchester’s obesity rate is estimated as high as 52%; a whopping two times the national average. They are pretty much doomed to this life every day. “The intersection leading into town features a McDonald’s, a Wendy’s, and Arby’s, and a Subway. And just beyond that, there is a Burger King, a Long John Silver, a Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken, and a Pizza Hut” (Haygood 409). In addition, they only have a Wal-Mart to shop at, and local food consists of more pizza, burgers, hot dogs, and “greasy foods”. They really don’t have much of a choice but to eat unhealthy. In small towns there are also no resources for gyms, parks, or recreational areas, and this just continues to add to the problem. Michelle Obama claims she’s creating a mandate that supports all areas in lower income, or …show more content…

In “Don’t Blame the Eater” David Zinczenko states, “The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that diabetes accounted for $2.6 billion in health cost since 1969” (392); a shockingly high statistic. Michelle Obama add, “Now, right now in America, one in three children is overweight or obese, putting them at greater risks of obesity-related conditions like diabetes and cancer, heart disease, asthma” (420). The fact that these illnesses are on the rise raises a huge question: Why are there not incentives given by insurances companies to individuals and families that maintain healthy lifestyles? Insurances companies should offer a variety of different incentives that will work for different needs. For example, offer a discounted rate for someone who consistently has less doctor visits, or to roll over money not used into savings. Author of “What You Eat is Your Business”, Radley Balko, supports this claim saying, “Congress should also increase access to medical and health savings accounts, which gives consumers the option of rolling money reserved for healthcare into a retirement account”(398). On one hand Balko is submitting great ideas to inspire healthy living, but on the he is also suggest making health care more private then public. Americans would become more accountable for their health care since they are the only person paying. He comments, “We’ll

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