Persuasive Essay On Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Jordan K.Thomas Jan.26.2017 Ms.Moore Persuasive essay assignment Introduction:Do you think that in the greek legend Odyssey the hero named Odysseus is really noble to be one?In this essay I’m going to talk about Odysseus is a liar and a murderer.This king says throw a feast I say throw him in the underworld and let him perish for the crimes he did will not make him noble for years. 1st body:Odysseus is not a hero because he doesn’t help his crew when obstacles are in the way.Because in part 2 he says “then Scytha made her strike whisking of my six of my best men from the ship”.Doesn’t that sounds like he is not caring for his crew?Secondly they were in Helios island Odysseus is somewhere else praying instead of being with his crew making a plan to go home.Lastly when they was in the cyclopes cave Odysseus was too loud when they was trying to escape.

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