The Pros And Cons Of Prescription Drug Advertising

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To begin with, “It’s a life or death issue. We are losing six people a day from just prescription drug abuse”. (James Mcdonough) reason that we are losing six people a day is because of the prescription drug ads that are on tv. Another thing is that people who see the drug ads feel the need to call for an appointment for their doctors to have them prescribe them a medicine that they want. Some of the people that see the drug ads on tv are thinking that it is ok to ask their doctors for prescriptions which is weakening their relationships between each of them and then once they were asked for the prescription the doctor felt pressured to prescribe the drug even though they knew it would increase the cost of the drug and they knew that the patient just wanted it to have the drug because they want they do. However, drug ads weaken relationships between you and your health care provider. Prescription ads …show more content…

Americans are spending too much money on medications that they don’t even need. “Americans spend an average of $1,000 per person, per year on prescription drugs.” The people that are spending thousands a year are the ones that keep going back to the doctor 's office to get prescription medicines and getting their doctors to give them the prescriptions. Meanwhile drug prices rise quickly due to unnecessary prescriptions.The price of a drug can be more than 50 times to $750 a pill.2013 to 2014, the amount of money people spent on drugs rose 13 percent. This all due to people asking for prescriptions. “The rising cost of prescription drugs has sparked a prairie fire thats is spreading across our nation.” The cost of all the prescriptions constantly rise around the U.S. When people spend thousands of dollars on prescriptions they don 't realize how much money they are really spending until they look at their balance. After all, people don’t ever realize how much they actually spend on

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