Affordable Care Crisis

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Valerie Benavidez Professor Stewart ENC 1101 15 November 2015 The Healthcare Crisis in the States Today, many Americans struggle to obtain minimum, let alone full healthcare coverage. The cost of healthcare has sky rocketed over the years and has become less affordable for thousands of people across the U.S. The number of uninsured Americans is at an all-time high. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes perfect sense, economically, because it eases rising costs, has been more successful at previous attempts of reform, and provides a better healthcare system overall, compared to the initial medical care system we use today. There are many factors that led up to the reasons why healthcare costs have risen so rapidly, but one of the main reasons …show more content…

Finally in the 1960’s, there was a passage of Medicare and Medicaid voluntary insurance. (Patel 94) In order to make sure more Americans are covered, there must be some kind of reformation of the health care system here in the states. The United States health care system, compared to other countries, is considered immoral to many people. In debates, it has been said that if there were to be medical coverage for everybody, it would lead to “rationing” of health care, but in all reality, the United States already rations health care. (Reid 3) The United States isn’t the only country that rations health care. Even the countries that provide medical coverage for all of their people have to rationalize, because there is no way they can afford to pay for thousands and thousands of people’s medical expenses. It’s unreal. According to Reid, in the U.S., in contrast, some people have access to just about everything doctors and hospitals can provide. But others can’t even get in the door (until they are sick enough to need emergency care). (3) America is in need of a serious reformation concerning its health care system. There are way too many citizens who are living without the medical care they should be entitled to. Not being able to afford any kind of care when citizens experience illnesses that are treatable is just out right …show more content…

The health care system here in the United States is causing thousands upon thousands of people to die each year, simply because they cannot afford health insurance that should be available for everyone. No matter which way its put, America’s health care system is already corrupt in numerous ways. The U.S. is the only advanced country that has never made a commitment to provide medical care to everyone who needs it. (Reid 2) The fact of the matter is, is a person cannot go through life without medical care. There has to be some type of insurance that is affordable for every person that provides them with at least the minimum benefits. Some health benefits are better than none at all. This will give people a higher expectancy of living a longer life, as oppose to somebody who has no medical coverage. Our lack of universal coverage has consequences. According to government and private studies, about 22,000 of our fellow Americans die each year of treatable diseases because they lack insurance and can’t afford a doctor. (Reid 2) The wealthy people with money, the elderly, and the less fortunate are able to receive all of the benefits of having health care insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare. Unfortunately, for the rest of the people who make too much or make too little, who may also one day come down with an illness, are basically left to die. It is as unfair

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