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Malcom Gladwell’s “The Physical Genius” and Mike Rose’s “The Working Life of a Waitress” each write about how people can be the best at what they do. Gladwell explained the idea of physical genius, or having the spectacular affinity for translating thought into action in a way no one else in their respective fields can. Physical genius despite its name, is the mental ability to chunk information, mentally practice, and have a special feel that others don't have. Gladwell used exemplary examples like Charlie Wilson, Yo-Yo Ma, and Tony Gwynn although he missed the opportunity to include any blue color jobs or women. Mike Rose wrote primarily about the interview with his mother who spent her life mastering the art of waitressing. He showed that …show more content…

By not including any in his examples and not even mentioning them, intentional or not, it makes the reader feel like only white collar men can be physical geniuses. However, the truth is that anyone who is the best at what they do can be a physical genius through visualization and development of mental abilities that others just don’t develop. The best cook, soldier, teacher, or janitor in the world is a physical genius. Being a physical genius is being the very best at whatever you are passionate about. Whether the ability to be a physical genius is innate or something you can develop over time, I'm not sure. As was explained in Rose however, the waitresses’ brains developed a stronger short term, goal oriented memory to best do their job. However, that does not make every good waitress a physical genius. Gladwell invented the term physical genius, and through his examples, only showed those who were wealthy or white collar. Gladwell's examples were too narrow minded to one demographic, and would've made more sense with a wider view. Rose's piece did a good job passively refuting Gladwell's demographic misunderstanding by showing in as detailed terms as surgery how complicated a job like waitressing can be and how much work and development it takes to

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