Piggy And Simon In Lord Of The Flies

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There were many characters in Lord of the Flies that I felt were applicable to my personality. Some were smart, some were responsible, some were timid, and some were tremendous bullies. Personally, I feel like I am the most related to Simon and Piggy.

I most closely relate to Simon, because he is quiet and timid, but also compassionate and insightful. He was able to figure out the mystery of the beast before any of the other boys could, making him the wisest of them all. “What I mean is….. maybe it’s only us.” (Golding 89) While the other boys are searching for a physical form of a beast, Simon takes it deeper and figures out that the beast they are all imagining is just a part of themselves. This is relevant to me because instead …show more content…

Piggy is the most mature person on the island, is loyal, and is highly intelligent. He is one of the only people that sticks to Ralph’s side when all the other boys are turning savage (or dying.) His glasses are a symbol of his intelligence, and also of his scientific way of thinking. Like Piggy, I am a very loyal and supportive friend. I do well in school, and coincidentally, my favorite subject in school is science. Piggy shows his scientific thought process when he says “Life is scientific, that’s what it is. In a year or two when the world is over they’ll be traveling to Mars and back.” (Golding 84) I feel like I identify with Piggy because he is rarely heard. That is due to his being an outcast, but however I find I am so shy and unconfident at times, that I have a hard time getting my ideas …show more content…

I am known for my procrastination, lateness, and disorderliness. Piggy, as a sensible boy, probably wouldn’t be any of these things. Also, Piggy is often seen fighting to be heard. Despite the fact that I am intelligent and have many good contributions, I wish I possessed Piggy’s confidence to stand up for his ideas. I also wish I exhibited Piggy and Simon’s maturity, for I am guilty of acting immature and childish at times. I can also be indecisive like Ralph at times, who often had to ask for Piggy’s advice because he had no clue what to do most of the time, so I could really use Piggy’s quick thinking in my

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