Simon As A Christ Figure In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Christ is a perfect figure of light and goodness. He showed the world what love could do during his ministry on earth. Simon’s characteristics make him an analogy to Christ. His love, compassion, and service to others portray him as a Christ figure in Lord of the Flies, as well as his similarities in his experiences. Simon portrays his Christ-like attributes by helping Ralph in chapter three. Ralph understood the need for shelters and tried to rally the boys to help him construct them, but they soon lose interest. Simon, however, stays behind to help Ralph. He serves him as Christ served his people. During the Sermon on the Mount, Christ feeds the masses with five loaves and two fishes. He also commands his disciples to feed his sheep; his sheep being his children. Simon takes it upon himself to climb the fruit trees to grab the most desirable fruit for the little ‘uns. Acting as Christ did, Simon fed the children. As the boys celebrate after the hunter’s first successful hunt, Piggy is left out for the count. He is unable to partake of the roasted pig because of Jack’s resentment towards him. Simon …show more content…

His suffering is caused by worrying over the sins of his friends, just as Christ bled from every pore to pay for the price of man’s sins. Simon decides to discover where the beast lives and protect his friend from it’s evil. His seizure left him weak and weary, but he pressed on to find the beast. He frees the parachutist from it’s bonds, just as Christ freed us from the chains of death and hell. He struggles through the dense jungle to deliver the message of truth. The beast was just a man, a dead man. Christ was sent to deliver the knowledge of truth and light and thus became a messenger as well. Even while trying to save his friends was Simon killed; by the hand of his people; just as the Jews crucified Christ, their

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