Piggy Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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Looking For a Clearer Vision Intelligence is the most important aspect of civilization. Although society will never be able to know everything, intellect allows for new technology to be created, and for the world to be better understood. The reason why intelligence cannot be the most important aspect of civilization is because others must support aptitude. Intelligence cannot persist by itself, as it requires the provision of a civilization. In The Lord of The Flies by William Golding, Piggy represents intelligence because he supplies technology, he is constantly trying to see the world in a clearer vision, and because he cannot survive on his own. In society, intelligence supplies machinery and other forms of technology. This is demonstrated when Piggy’s glasses are used to start the first fire on the island. Piggy, who represents intelligence, is wearing his glasses, which represent technology. Jack steals Piggy’s spectacles to start the fire (Golding 40). Although Piggy did not support Jack, Piggy’s glasses were used to start the first fire that went out of control and killed the ‘”the …show more content…

Although Piggy’s spectacles represent technology, they also represent Piggy’s vision. From the beginning of the novel, Piggy would take off his glasses to “wipe them on his grubby wind-breaker” (Golding 9). When Piggy is cleaning is glasses he is trying to clear his vision, or see the world more accurately, as scientists in the existent world attempt to do everyday. The goal of intellect in the real world is to see the world more precisely, as Piggy does when he cleans his spectacles. Piggy cleans his glasses specifically when a questionable event occurs. When Ralph is describing the hideous beast that is believed to inhabit the island, Piggy wipes his glasses (33). This is symbolic of scientists being skeptical of other theories, and why Piggy cannot survive on his

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