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Supporters of the pipeline claim that the construct meets all of the safety regulations, thus there is no need to worry about the water supply. In an issue of the Oil Spill Intelligence Report, pipelines are described as “the safest, most efficient, and cost effective way to move oil to the market.” The president of the North Dakota Petroleum Council said products reach their destination virtually all of the time and the pipe lays 90 feet under the river, so “it’s not going to leak right into the river”. The pipe also has detection equipment and shutoff valves on each side of the pipeline. The source also includes arguments voice by the opposition of the pipeline including: that the Tribe was never consulted for the project and that the proposed route of the pipeline would desecrate sacred tribal lands.…show more content…
The layer of soil that filters water is called an aquifer and this layer is found 50 to 300 feet below the surface. If a spill were to occur at a depth of 90 feet, it would seep into the groundwater filtration system, which would most definitely affect the drinking water of the Indigenous Nations. The author provides no background to any of the claims in the article, he or she merely includes the assertions of both sides. This article would be useful in a persuasive paper that is against the Dakota Access Pipeline because it would help to discredit those that support the continuation of construction. This source would help to prove that the information that the supporting side is using is not credible.
In an article written by Ellen Powell Staff titled, “What does the Dakota Access Pipeline pause mean for the oil industry?”, the effect a halt on the DAPL has on the entire oil industry is discussed. The article quotes Brigham McCown, an industry consultant, who says, “We don’t know what the implications are, other than that it’s going to have a huge chilling

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