Plato's Apology Research Paper

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Academic texts can often shine a light on many philosophical questions. Plato’s Apology is a text that encompasses this light. While reading I often thought of an experience that happened to me in my seventh grade year. I learned three major things while reading this play, the first was being completely honest in the face of trial secondly, I learned about taking a stand for what you believe. Finally, I learned that defending yourself is important. I often learn through texts by comparing them to my own life, In Plato’s Apology I was able to do just that. To begin, Plato’s Apology helped me to remember a time where I had to be completely honest in the face of trial. Seventh grade was obviously very eventful, because many crazy things happened to me. One of these crazy experiences I had occurred in my math class. Occasionally my class would journey to the computer lab to practice math facts in a flash online. On this one occasion I was struggling with a problem, my time was…show more content…
When I was a seventh grader I was lacking a major characteristic that many girls were beginning to develop, and it didn’t go unnoticed. I was very flat chested and one boy continued to remind me daily. One of the more comical jokes he would say was, “Saydria, what’s your favorite band? Rascal Flatts?” At the time it really hurt my feelings, although I look back on it and have to laugh at his complete immaturity. Daily I would be the butt of his corny jokes. Obviously I have a low tolerance level for annoying pubescent males, and one day I reacted. He made a joke and so I in turn pointed out one of his biggest flaws. I regret that I had said what I did, but I stood up for myself, because I felt comfortable in my own skin and didn’t need someone like him to bring me down. In Apology Socrates in a way stands up for himself, he does not let his accusers bring him down. That is something very important to
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