Playing Down To Children In Walt Disney's The Glass Castle

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In “The Glass Castle”, Jeannette Walls details the conditions in which she and her three siblings are raised under by their parents, Rose and Rex Walls. Walt Disney had this quote that explained how he doesn 't believe in playing down to his children and that some parents attempt to hide things about the world from children. One may believe that Walt Disney’s quote about playing down to children is one that perfectly describes Rex and Rose Walls’ parenting style. They give the illusion that they portray parents who don 't believe in playing down to their children. On the contrary though as they are just abusive and horrible parents that abandon and exploit their children and disguise their horrible acts as early life lessons. Rose made it…show more content…
As readers we were under the impression that Rex wanted to show Jennette how to make money, even if it involved a way that children should not be exposed to, but that is far from the truth. Rex took Jeannette to a bar in order to get money that he owed her. He than involved her in a shame that involved selling her out for money. She was half naked in front of other men and they got out with with the money without her being raped."I 'm not sure," I said."Aw, come on," he said and shouted at Dad, "I 'm going to take your girl upstairs." "Sure," Dad said. "Just don 't do anything I wouldn 't do." He pointed his pool cue at me. "Holler if you need me," he said and winked at me as if to say he knew I could take care of myself, that this was just a part of my job……...In the car, Dad took out the money he 'd won and counted off forty dollars, which he passed to me. "We make a good team," he said.” Rex seems like a parent who isn 't afraid to show his daughter a adult way to get money: scamming. He seems like a parent who is showing her the reality of getting money in hard times. This comes across as a man who isn 't shielding the harsh realities of the world, but in fact he is exploiting his daughter for his own advantage and not teaching…show more content…
We can 't confuse not shielding your children from reality and not treating them as fragile flowers with people who are just horrible parents and treat their kids as adults because they simply don 't care. From a distance, by Rose attempting to pursue her art career as opposed to finding a real job and getting money so she 'll be able to provide for her family seems like her showing her kids at a young age that money isn 't everything and you need to follow your heart. She is fooling both her children and readers as she just wants to do what 's best for her as opposed to what 's best for her family. Rose is a mother who doesn 't seem to care much about their kids livelihood. She decided to spend her entire day drawing and painting as opposed to finding a real job and providing for her children. “Mom devoted herself to her art. She spent all day working on oil paintings, watercolors, charcoal drawings, pen and ink sketches, clay and wire sculptures, silk screens, and wood blocks. She didn 't have any particular style; some of her paintings were what she called primitive, some were impressionistic and abstract, some were realistic. "I don 't want to be pigeonholed," she liked to say.” As a spectator, it seems as if Rose is trying to instill a follow your heart montro to her children at a young age. This is wrong on so many levels, because she is deciding to pursue something that won 't make her money over getting a real job that 'll make her family 's eating
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