Pleasantville: A Place Where Nothing Changes

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Pleasantville, a place where nothing changes. A place where no one has ever seen rain, feelings are little to none, the high school basketball team wins every game and makes every shot, firefighters save cats because there is no such thing as fire, beds are separated, books are blank pages, and the streets loop right back to themselves. Everything is pleasant in Pleasantville. 1958 and present day has changed tremendously. One thing that has changed over the years is relationships. In 1958 if you were going steady with someone and it was quite serious the guy would give the girl their class ring to wear on a chain around their neck. Another thing was being pinned. This pin that was received from the guys, the girls would wear on whatever clothing they had on to signify that they were not available. There was no just hooking up or hanging out. Today it is mainly by word of mouth and postings on social media that people find out about relationships. The overall going about of a relationship is not nearly as formal in today’s society. Another …show more content…

I believe the changes are good because even though the people of Pleasantville are not used to anything going wrong and are used to the everyday routine it is good for them as it’s a way to see things in a much different perspective than what they were used to and to be able to find how they can adjust to being able to express themselves and have feelings without it being looked down upon just as David and Jennifer had to adjust when they became trapped inside the world of Pleasantville. The mural that was painted with the banned books etc… was an example of being able to expresses oneself confidently. As those two know, outside the winding streets of Pleasantville there is a world far from perfect. Outside Pleasantville they did not come home to two loving parents; they came home to their mother arguing with their father on the phone or her not being home at

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