Poem Analysis: 'The Eagle' By Lord Alfred Tennyson

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TP-CASTT The Eagle by: Lord Alfred Tennyson. I predicted that the poem is basically going to be about could be about a person called the eagle, or it can be perhaps about how eagles are special, and how strong they are. The eagle can be only about one eagle, maybe because the word “the” makes it look like one eagle. There are three lines in the one stanza, and the second stanza has also three lines. In the first three lines the rhyme scheme goes like (A, A, A). The three other lines goes like (B, B, B,). Basically the first stanza rhymes together, and the second stanza also rhymes together. The first stanza is about the eagle holds on to a cliff with claws that look like "crooked" or twisting hands. The eagle is in the blue skies. The second stanza talks about the sea looks "wrinkled" like cloths. In the first line, there is use of alliteration with the hard ‘c’ sounds. The speaker also describes the eagle using his hands. An eagle uses his feet like a human uses their hands. Ringed with the azure world means he is located in the middle of an ocean or surrounded by water. Every word in the poem has two syllables, but only the word “thunderbolt”. The speaker speaks about the eagle with a high regard respect. Eagles are noble creatures and the eagle is in his own natural habitat. In the first three lines, the eagle is represented as being relaxed, and high. In the last three lines is where the reader can see the eagle flying down to hunt for food and to take his prey. The

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