Pope John Paul II: The Cause Of Suffering

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1.2 Cause of suffering Suffering or evil could be divided into two major categories: physical and moral. Both have their own cause. Every action or deed has its own particular motive to do or to present. Whatever happens in the life, immediately we ask “why” and we search the reason for it. Especially when man faces trials and tribulations, he asks why all these things are happening in his life and what he has done to undergo this. Identifying the causes is a very important aspect in each and every situation whether it is good or bad, because when we search for the meaning, it helps us to reflect upon our life and our responsibilities. Pope John Paul II says that “within each form of suffering endured by man, and at the same time at the basis of the whole world of suffering, there inevitably arises the question: Why? It is the question of cause, the reason, and equally, about the purpose of suffering.” Searching for the cause gives the understanding and meaning about suffering. Christian doctrine fundamentally gives two reason for the human suffering: original sin and the free will of human being. It is not the plan of God that human beings should suffer, but because of free will which was given by God as a gift, made him to suffer and to perish into the eternal suffering, breaking the relationship with God. Here enters the word poena which means pain, punishment, and compensation and it denotes that if one has done something wrong, he has to undergo suffering because

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