Popular Characters In Shakespeare's Hamlet Vs. Harry Potter

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Hamlet Vs. Harry Potter William Shakespeare can be argued as being one of the best writers of all time. Part of Shakespeare’s magic includes his ability to still have such a massive influence on authors and the content they create even today. Many books, films, and other forms of media are based off popular themes taken from the works of Shakespeare. Although Shakespeare has remained relevant through many years, other authors have become common household names and written pieces of writing that have taken over the world. An author that has written amazing books read and enjoyed by millions is J.K. Rowling. J.K. Rowling is the author of the widely-loved book series Harry Potter. The seven Harry Potter novels have each been adapted to their…show more content…
The audience learns that Hamlet’s father, Hamlet Sr. has passed away, leaving Hamlet Jr. in a state of grief. However, Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude has already remarried, only a few months after the death of her former husband. These actions disgust Hamlet, causing a familial conflict between the two. Even with this significant fight throughout the play, the real villain in the eyes of Hamlet and the audience, is Claudius. Claudius is the brother of the late King Hamlet, and newly wed to Gertrude. Thus, making Hamlet Jr. his former nephew and current step-son. At the beginning of the play, guards at the Elsinore castle in Germany, where Hamlet Jr. lives, let him know that they believe they have seen the spirit of King Hamlet. After learning this, Hamlet decides to wait for and approach the spirit himself. The spirit of King Hamlet let’s Prince Hamlet know that he was murdered in the worst way possible - by his biological brother and wants to get revenge, through his son. This plan for avenging his father by Hamlet becomes the biggest conflict in the play and sets up a solid plot-line. It is easy to compare this source of conflict to a major one in Harry Potter. When watching any of the Harry Potter movies, the
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