Poverty In Enrique's Journey By Sonia Nazario

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The issue of migration from Central and South America is a problem that is rooted in both poverty and the hardships that come in the journey to the United States. This dilemma is emphasized in “Enrique’s Journey”, by Sonia Nazario. In the book, we follow the story and journey of Enrique, whose course from Honduras to the United States is filled with peril. Growing up without his mother, Enrique grew up in poverty and was unable to find the means to support both himself and his future family. He later continues the cycle of turmoil and regret that his mother had started. In this paper, I will be taking the role of a government minister and budget a plan that could help children that are put into an analogous situation to the one that Enrique was in. In Enrique’s Journey, we follow the life of Enrique, a child whose mother left for better work opportunities in the United States. Lourdes, Enrique’s mother, hoped to send money and come back to Honduras within a year. However, after a series of unforeseen events, Lourdes is unable to come back to Honduras. When Enrique’s mother left, he felt abandoned and was soon taken in by his father. Seeking a new life, Enrique’s father falls in love with another woman. Once again, Enrique is abandoned, left …show more content…

In class, we discussed how childhood poverty can lead to being in poverty during adulthood. This can be due to several reasons, including a lack of education. Investing in both primary and maternal education could help to reduce the issues that poverty brings to families (Poverty 1 Lecture, 2018). “After school, Enrique sells tamales and plastic bags of fruit juice from a bucket hung in the crook of his arm,” (Nazario, 2002, p. 28). Enrique is forced to help his family while going to primary school, which, as discussed in class will make it harder for him to stay in school and the cycle that was started by being in poverty (Child Labor Lecture,

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