Power Corrupted In Shakespeare's Macbeth

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In today’s world power can be very corruptible in so many ways, shapes, and forms. The expression power corrupts is one of many themes in the story of Macbeth. Maybe power isn’t corruptible, maybe it’s the person that uses their power to control others in a way that only creates a good impact for themselves. This also makes them corruptible without noticing, and it makes them a bit heartless. The theme that power corrupts expresses its way through Macbeth is when: Macbeth’s wife plans all of the killings in order to possess power, and also when Macbeth becomes a complete murderer in order to maintain his power and titles.

The theme of power corrupts develops over the course of the play in Macbeth’s life. Macbeth starts off as a kind, noble man—who is too “kind” for his wife, Lady Macbeth. His first title is Thane of Cawdor, and he does not let this title …show more content…

She was poisoned from the time we met her all the way to when she committed suicide. She is the one that corrupts Macbeth from the very beginning. She tells him that in order to obtain power he is to kill and break his allegiance with King Duncan. She actually reminds me of the serpent that poisoned Eve to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Later on in the play she and Macbeth are crowned to take over the throne to take the place of Duncan. She did not notice at first that she created a savage murderer by planning for him to become king. Towards the end of the play she realizes how immoral and wrong her decisions had been and she starts to hallucinate and see blood on her hands, which signifies that she knows she started the whole entire world of corruption. So before her sad, unfortunate end they—mainly the Doctor and Macbeth—realizes there is nothing to do for her because she’d became unstable and damaged. At the end we see her wistful suicide that explains how distressed she was from the whole

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