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Almost everybody wants to have a lot of power, but when a person gets told that they are going to be something they want to make that something come by even faster so that they do not have to wait. In the story Macbeth by Shakespeare it shows how two men will achieve their destinies, but one of them is told that he will be king and the other is told that his descendants will be king. It shows how one man will do anything just cause he wants him and his wife to be king and queen, plus they will not let fate make them king and queen they will make themselves do that. Early on in the play Macbeth starts off as an honest, honorable, loyal subject of the king, but towards the end of Act one he changes to greedy and dishonorable. In this quote it says, “New honors come upon him, Like our strange garments, cleave not to their mold But with the aid of use”(Act 1 Scene 3 Page 6 Lines 149-151 Banquo). This is Banquo says that Macbeth is not used to …show more content…

He does not want fate to let him be king, he wants to kill the king instead. In this quote it states, “Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee”( Act 2 Scene 1 Page 2 Lines 33-35 Macbeth). He wants the strength and courage to go and kill the king, but he is having visions of a dagger that he is going to use to kill the king. In this second quote it is also saying, “And thence it is, That I to your assistance do make love, Masking the business from the common eye For sundry weighty reasons” (Act 3 Scene 1 Page 5 Lines 126-129 Macbeth). Macbeth is telling the murders that they need to kill Banquo and Fleance because they will interfere with his plans. He has to hide his real plans away from everybody else. In conclusion, Macbeth is a cruel and wicked person because he has killed the king and needs other people to go kill Banquo and Fleance so he could hide his real

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