Power Of Love In Antigone

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The play Antigone, by Sophocles, presents the power of love, which the sword cannot defeat. Nevertheless, the play itself provides the idea in which it might be argued whether love is one of the superior forces in society that drives people to pursue their ideals. The story itself, places Antigone determined to carry out the burying of her brother Polyneices with the purpose of honouring him and giving him the importance she thinks he deserves. Considering this an act of love, Antigone is willing to overcome the laws of the state and Creon’s orders by sacrificing her own life in order to distinguish the reputation of her family. This rebellious role that differences her from the other woman during those times, provides her the ability of …show more content…

At the beginning of the play, he is presented as a character fully committed to the ideas that his father presents and the respect towards the country and the law of the state. In spite of this, Haemon is in love with Antigone and is therefore opposed to the idea that she has to be punished for her actions. “Not here, she will not die here, King. And you will never see my face again. Go on raving as long as you’ve a friend to endure you”. Creon’s son ends up committing suicide, and this is reflected both as an act of love towards her fiancée, when he discovers her dead body, as well as a sign of his divergent ideals contrasting the city ones. Furthermore, throughout the play there are other important forces that act as an influence to the characters and the implementation of their actions. First of all, one the most relevant should be considered pride. Both Creon and Antigone show signs of hubris. In the ancient Greece this was considered a character flaw and was contemplated a sin as it generated too much emphasis on the ideals and what the desires of a particular character, which could eventually endangered other people. This enabled them to accept other people’s counsel and usually performed bad

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