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An Annotated Bibliography on Antigone Reed, Valerie. "Bringing Antigone Home." Comparative Literature Studies (2008): 316-340. Academic Search Premier. The article is basically based on a comparative analysis of the Antigone. The argument of the author is that the fascinating points of Antigone are superficially determining what she alleges that it is Antigone’s home. The question is whether Antigone belongs to her home and family or to the city and the general public that forms the environment that she lives in. The question of who Antigone is lies between the family and the public. However, Antigone is left with no choice but make a decision. This problem is balanced around making a decision on things that are not easy. Generally, the author …show more content…

Tripathy argues that Antigone is mainly a play that depicts what takes place in a situation where biological beings such human beings join politics. According to the author, this political influence has the ability to threaten and even cause the death of the biological beings as seen in Antigone. In the play, it is clear that Creon possesses the ability to disrespect the dead and cause death with impunity. Therefore, Antigone as seen from the actions of Creon, is a play that explains how power changes influences Creon’s control over the physical bodies of his subjects and enemies. This is shown in the article where the way Polyneices’ corpse and Antgone’s body is treated without respect for the bodies. However, the powers of Creon are limited to the fact that he cannot create life. Showing lack of balance in his …show more content…

It criticizes the habit of using the play to improve or further academic or political motives. The author discourages people from retelling the story. This is because it does not help to improve the quality of the play and the objectives of lecture theatres are just poorer than the original objectives of the play. Similarly, the author uses a comparison of the situation to one of his own works called No More Prayers which was intentionally written in response to the cultural changes of Antigone. The author’s play explains the consequences of retelling myth over time. The themes of Antigone take a sideline because something that is of interest to the author is what has happened to those themes for many

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