Theme Of Sacrifice In Antigone

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Antigone wants her brother to receive proper burial rites in the play “Antigone”, written by Sophocles. In the lead up to the play, two brothers fight till death in order to receive the beloved power over Thebes. In the dual between the two brothers, Polyneices met fatality while bringing mischief upon the city of Thebes. Consequently, the King, Creon, declared that Polyneices’s proper burial rites should be revoked. Antigone was driven by tradition and her family values to bury her deceased brother; thus forthe, she was readily willing to suffer her punishment. Antigone’s selfless sacrifice in which she surrendered her life for her brother’s burial portrays to the audience her allegiance to tradition; therefore, giving meaning to the work as a whole. …show more content…

He became arrogant in his ways and detoured from the successful path of tradition. “And yet for glory-- how could I have won a nobler than by giving burial to my own brother?”, Antigone proclaimed this statement in a rebuttal against Creon. Creon stated, “Now verily I am no man, she is the man, if this victory shall rest with her and bring no penalty.” Creon feared his power would be in jeopardy if Antigone’s actions went with no punishment; however, Creon’s arrogance blinded him to the fact that Antigone would remain triumphant over Creon, even with a punishment. She would willingly accept her punishment for her actions because she would die honoring her brother and giving him a traditional

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