Preconceived Notions Initiating Racism In The Hate U Give

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Preconceived Notions Initiating Racism Throughout, The Hate U Give Human rights; the moral principles we abide to create a just, fair, and civilized society. They allow everyone to feel safe and wanted, despite their differences. They provide the ability to lead one's life freely, and not have to endure the ramifications of simply being oneself. Although these rights and entitlements should pertain to all, why does the partiality of the ignorant alter the terms of one's rights and ability to live? Angie Thomas’ novel, The Hate U Give, follows a teenage black girl named Starr, who has recently witnessed the murder of her childhood best friend, Khalil, who fell victim to police brutality in her underprivileged neighbourhood, Garden Heights. As …show more content…

After the murder of Khalil, Starr decided to publicize the unjust acts of police brutality that ultimately lead to Khalil's death, and go on trial. After awaiting the judge’s verdict, “The grand jury[]decided not to indict Officer Brian Cruiser Jr,” (Thomas 387). To elaborate, the judge solidified an unjust verdict, resulting in no consequences for Officer Brian Cruiser Jr. for brutally murdering Khalil. This showed the lack of care and attention towards minorities, allowing people of authority to treat marginalized groups as though they are inferior, and leading their oppressors to believe they can go without punishment. This proved how negative assumptions constantly evoked onto people of colour result in racism through police brutality and an unjust judicial system. Although Officer Brian Cruiser Jr. should have been punished for his actions, while bringing justice to Khalil, he was not held accountable, as the system unjustifiably worked in his favour. Moreover, racism through police brutality and a biased judicial system was demonstrated through Khalil's death. As Starr and Khalil went driving after they left a party in Garden Heights, they were abruptly pulled over without cause. The police officer, known as One-Fifteen, was being very aggressive and asked for identification when they did not breach any restrictions or break any rules. As a result, Khalil questioned the police officer to the point in which One-Fifteen asked Khalil to get out of the car and wait for him to come back. Khalil went to Starr to see if she was okay, and “Pow! One. Khalil’s body [jerked]. Blood [splattered] from his back. He [held] on to the door to keep himself upright. Pow! Two. Khalil [gasped]. Pow! Three. Khalil [looked] at [her], stunned. He [fell] to the ground,” (Thomas 23). Perceptibly, Khalil was

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