Prejudice In The Lunar Chronicles

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Prejudice has been an ingrained part of society since ancient history, whether based on race, religion, sex, economic status, or any number of other dividing factors between groups of people. It has left marks throughout human history in everything from slavery to the Holocaust to the modern wage gap. As a result, works of literature are frequently centered around how prejudice affects one character or group of people. The book series The Lunar Chronicles is a prime example of this, as it focuses on a young girl named Cinder who is discriminated against because of her status as a cyborg. The novel is set several hundred years into a dystopian future, in which cyborgs are treated as second class citizens. Despite the fact that Cinder is an extraordinarily gifted mechanic, she receives little respect from her acquaintances and even her family. This discrimination turns into outright animosity when Cinder learns that she is a member of the Lunar race, a people which are condemned by Earthen society. The story centers around how Cinder manages to overcome the prejudice against her, and eventually becomes the leader of a society that once held so much animosity toward cyborgs such as herself. Cinder is introduced as a common cyborg girl…show more content…
Cinder keenly experiences this prejudicial sentiment in her everyday life, such as when her neighbor cruelly insults her, and discourages customers from using her services as a mechanic simply because she is a cyborg. Cinder is even exploited by her own family, as her stepmother prevents Cinder from keeping any of the money she earns and constantly demeans Cinder through degrading comments. Cinder is also forced to submit to a medical research draft, effective only on cyborgs, and has a dangerous disease injected into her against her
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