Pride And Prejudice: A Fictional Narrative

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"Why are you sitting there?" A high masculine voice called out, their footsteps crunching on the leaves as they made their way over to my tree. I didn't bother looking up from my book to look up at them, there was no point to let a someone take up my free time when I didn't even want to give them the time of day. My eyes did flicker to the worn boots that were laced ever so tightly all the way to the top of the shoe, the front of the shoes being so scruffy it didn't seem like it ever belonged to the goldish shoe.

I finish the eightieth page of Pride and Prejudice before replying back to them. "Because I like to." It was very simple and boring answer but I didn't care as I started to venture my eyes towards the first words of the eighty-first page.

"You've sat there every day, y'know?" The way they sounded so sure and proud made me ponder if they really think noticing thing was only a talent made for Gods. Certainly they must just be faking the confidence, there was no way someone could be so sure of a conversation with someone they …show more content…

I looked over at him for the first time, actually looked at him. Frank wasn't anything special but I don't know what I expected. His dark brown hair reached his shoulders, his face sharper than normal in some areas perhaps, his eyes were just a mixture of brown and green, the colour changing depending on where the light hit them.

"Too early to judge, we've only been talking for a few minutes. I can't really base off which category to put you if I barely remember your voice." I chuckled as I turned my attention to my bag on the other side of me and zipped it up.

"You're an introvert, aren't you?" Frank blurted randomly. "You know what that is

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