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Reform and Deter the Majority of Prisoners Responsibility for violation of the law is still synonymous with deprivation of liberty. Meanwhile, many lawyers have long recognized the unreasonableness of the punishment, and consistently released sentenced from prison. The theory of “crisis of the punishment” recognizes the prison system a form of social virus, the spread of which leads to a serious illness of society. This paper describes fails to reform and deter the majority of prisoners. It is believed that a person who knows what he/she will go to prison, never break the law. Knowing that he/she will be punished, warns him/her to make a crime. In this case, the prison is a way that prevents crime. The role of the punishment of imprisonment …show more content…

The court based on the nature of the crime and the identity of the perpetrator, concludes that for the purposes of punishment the convict cannot be left at large, and his/her correction is only possible in conditions of isolation from a society with a complex of special measures corrective action. The significance of imprisonment due to the fact that the most dangerous criminals are isolated from society and placed in special correctional institutions than substantially limited their opportunities to commit new crimes during the term of serving the sentence, and create opportunities for the organization of measures for their …show more content…

However, imprisonment is widely used for murder, grievous bodily harm, rape, robbery, burglary, theft, fraud and others. As has been said, many lawyers have questioned the issue of deprivation of liberty as a form of punishment. Primarily, this is because the rapid growth of technical equipment of the prison system has not been able to stop the rise in crime. Furthermore, scientists have noticed that the threat of the heaviest responsibility for the crime does not affect the rate of relapse and it remains relatively stable for each specific country (Johnson, 2011). Awareness of the ineffectiveness of such common form of punishment, such as imprisonment, leads to a change in strategy led “war on crime” to the strategy of “harm reduction”. Here, it should be said about the industry of punishment. A refusal of work condemned would be unjustified waste, for which, of course, nobody in the world will not do. However, it is scientifically proven that occupational therapy in a prison and colony is much less effective than in normal conditions (Smart Justice, 2011). In addition, excessive economic interest of business or the state for cheap labor of prisoners is unnecessary pressure on the court, which contributes to the repressive form of

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