Prisoners Should Not Be Allowed In Jails Research Paper

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Prisoners shouldn 't be allowed to be released from prison after fifteen years because they deserve death penalty. There are some statistics that demonstrates that they are going to continue performing felonies. Also there are studios that demonstrates that letting free a prisoner affect his family and the family of the victim. The death penalty should be applied on those cases because it is less expensive for the government and it would keep the country more safe.
Prisoner 's sentences for first degree murder shouldn 't be eligible for parole hearing after fifteen years in jail because there is a probability that they continue to commit felonies, and because the seriousness of the crime it is necessary apply the death penalty. The death …show more content…

Children of incarcerated parents may face a number of challenging circumstances. They may have experienced trauma related to their parent’s arrest or experiences leading up to it. Children of incarcerated parents may also be more likely to have faced other adverse childhood experiences, including witnessing violence in their household or exposure to drug and alcohol abuse. (Children of Incarcerated parents, 1). Analyzing data from 2011-12 National Survey of Children’s Health, a representative sample of children seventeen and younger, and the study found higher rates of attention deficits, behavioral problems, speech and language delays, and other developmental delays in children of the incarcerated. (At Risk Students; Stress Proliferation Across Generation? Examining the relationship Between Parental Incarceration and childhood Health, 1). This research study by O 'Brien (social work, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago) is based on interviews with 18 women formerly incarcerated for transgressions involving substance abuse or property. She shows how their prison and parole experiences affected their reentry into the "free world" as they sought to establish homes, experience healthy relationships with family and others, and live productive lives. (Wood, Suzanne W. "Making it in the 'Free World ': Women in Transition from Prison." Library Journal 15

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