Pros And Cons In Pleasantville

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The Risk of Taking a Risk eefefefefefefefefMo Rubin, Period 7 THIS IS THE HOOK. It is a risk to start the final English paper with such a gimmick, but this risk could become an important learning experience because, through informative feedback, the author could develop better writing skills. Without taking this risk, the author will lose the opportunity to grow and learn. Risk taking, consequences and growth opportunities are all key elements of the three texts, Fahrenheit 451 and The Flying Machine, by Ray Bradbury, and the film Pleasantville by Gary Ross. Throughout each story, the characters weigh pros and cons of different situations, and confront the consequences that go along with these actions. The different stories provide the …show more content…

People believe that they are secure if they can control their environment, but in reality they need to be open to change to experience all life has to offer. In the Flying Machine, the Emperor kills an inventor fearing new inventions would have negative consequences for society. By killing the inventor, the Emperor believes he can hold on to his perfect world. The Emperor says, “But there are times when one most lose a little beauty if one is to keep what little beauty one already has.” (Bradbury). The Emperor tells himself that the new invention is not worth risking the little beauty he has now. By removing the creator, the Emperor eliminates all possibilities of harm coming to his perfect and beautiful world, but he also denies himself future opportunities to experience new kinds of beauty. Also, by killing the inventor, he discourages other inventors from creating new things that would benefit the country. The emperor has misplaced his belief in the outcomes of taking a risk. He denies himself and his country new opportunities that would lead to growth and betterment in their society. At the beginning of Fahrenheit

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