Pros And Cons Of Articles Of Confederation

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I am going to write about how the Articles of confederation was revised, American democracy was made. I am also going to talk about the founding fathers who made it possible. There were two ideas that influenced the constitution. The first idea was weakened by Articles and confederation. The congress couldn’t collect any taxes, they couldn’t amend the rules, there were 13 Independent nations, there wasn’t any Judicial system, no executives, and there was only one house of the legislative. To solve the problem the founding fathers healed a meeting in Philadelphia on May 25 to September 17,1787 during the war. There were 55 men from the 13 states. They had to and agreed to meet secretly for their safety. They decided to elect George Washington as the president of the convention. George washington was elected as the president of the convention because he won the revolutionary war that set the America free. He was the Chief of the Continental Army, and 2 years later he served two terms as the first president of the US. All of the men had no plans for the changes except for James Madison. Madison was the fourth president and also served 2 terms from 1809 to 1817. His plan was to have a strong central government that …show more content…

The English Bill of Rights has the power to tax people, it limits the power of the king and queen. The english bill of rights stopped the king form having a standing army and kept the monarchy from housing the homes in America. When the standing army was in America the king told the soldiers to stay in the locals homes. That was in 1774 and it wasn’t fair because the king didn’t pay for the soldiers stay. In England our army couldn’t stay at the locals homes. By doing that it was violating the English Bill of Rights. Then it all leads to the American Revolution after the people rebelled against the king. Give the people in parliament the freedom of speech. Everyone had the right to

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