Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

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Genetic engineering is a method used by people that was created to clone things and make changes that wouldn´t be possible without the technology and the information that we have today. Like all things do, genetic engineering obviously has some bad qualities and good qualities. Using genetic engineering can be dangerous as you do not know what the result of the experiment. As far as stem cell replacemet goes, it also has good and bad qualities that go hand in hand with each other when outweighing the good and the bad qualities. Support 1: Furthermore, genetic engineering can help many, many people that have disorders or a disease like Parkinson's disease, which is where you cannot stop moving, or shaking. In the story Frankenstein there is a student of science named Victor Frankenstein was dabbling in genetic engineering, and he had wanted to create something that no one has ever seen nor thought of before in an unorthodox scientific experiment. ¨The dissecting room and the slaughter house furnished many of my materials; and often did my human nature turn …show more content…

Jeffrey Kahn in ¨The Eyes of Nye- Cloning" video clip, they discuss stem cell replacement and they also speak about where the line should be drawn when using stem cell replacement when using human embryos. ¨We have decided at what point do we think its acceptable to use human embryos, o potentially past human embryo, and we have to answer - is an embryo, a human embryo (in terms of its moral status) more like the cells that are scraped out of your cheek, or more like the person who is sitting before you today?¨ (Nye). Using an embryo just to create a cell is essentially inhumane, it is not something that should be done for the simple fact being, the embryos came from babies that have past away, or previous human embryos. Whereas, Bill Nye said he agrees with stem cell research as long as it can help someone, it should not come from those

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