The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

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“Perfect Baby” Imperfection is natural, but also beautiful, but according some parents, it is the absolute opposite. Genetic engineering can cause parents to go haywire. When it comes to having a child, every parent is looking for that special something to make their perfect child. Others, will go as far as to decide what their baby’s talents, hair color, eye color, gender, and height are before they are born. It’s as if they had a list, of the characteristics they want their baby to have, gave it to the doctor, and he would make it happen with a couple shots into the mothers stomach. All they want is the perfect, beautiful babies we all want, right? Genetic engineering of embryos is absolutely unacceptable due to the altering nature, and possible child disability. Genetic engineering of embryos definitely should not be done because of the fact that it could cause problems for the child. For example, Janice Chabkin and her husband were thinking of deciding the gender of their child, but then decided against it. Janice stated, "We didn't do it because if something ever went wrong with the child, I would never be able to forgive myself and I'd always be looking back on it and say, 'Is it because I did this? And is the reason [something went wrong] because I decided to do …show more content…

If the wrong gene goes into the embryo, there is a chance of child disability, or to the extreme, death. In other words, genetic engineering should not be done because it is not worth the risk of taking the gift of life away from the unborn child. Lastly, genetic engineering of embryos can lead to unforeseen complications. Also, there could be problems with their children in the future. What this means is that, it is not worth it to leave a chain of disabled children just to change they way they look, because what really matters, is the personality they have, and that can not be

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