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Nowadays, the technology is the primary focus of all people, it may move far too quickly into the exposure of personal information. Moreover, the technological advances have been vital; there are some principles used worldwide for the information security and privacy risk mitigation. The people are initiating to store data through online; with this kind of matter, the associations who hold the information regarding the personal and other important information are the endeavor to protect these kinds of data. Though, as a result of the improvement of technology; the computer fraud, virus or identity thefts are very vivacious in terms of stealing some information of other people. Moreover, every day that people browse the internet, log on, as well as posting into the social media; it is the way of giving intentionally or unintentionally the personal information. Actually, any data that could possibly identify a specific individual is called Personally Identifiable Information.
Furthermore, Ramirez (2009) stated that Personally Identifiable Information is a kind of information into which the distinctiveness of every individual can be determined. FERPA includes indirect identifiers and information which may be subject to “targeted” examination of Personally …show more content…

There are some ethical issues in an information system that includes establishing accountability for the consequences of the information system. Into which, setting the standards to safeguard system quality which processes the safety of the individual in the quality of life concerning the information society. Currently, the online IT services are provided more and more universally; but some of the services can only be used whenever it is provided with personally identifiable information. It makes use in order to perform access control decisions or endow with the service at

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