Pros And Cons Of Reconstruction After Civil War

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INTRO: Reconstruction; the most conflicting era in the United States history. Coming directly after the Civil War from 1865 thorough 1877, Reconstruction played a major part in the Land of the Free’s backstory. Throughout Reconstruction many things occurred within the North and South due to chaos within the government system, neighborhoods, and social classes. The creator of Reconstruction and the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln created the idea of Reconstruction in the South while the Civil War was going on. Lincoln did this in order to get the United States on the same page because of the problems going on with the Union and the Confederates. He knew that in order for the US to get better and progress he had to make a change which was Reconstruction. December 1863 was when Reconstruction was brought to the House of Representatives and the White House as a whole. All in all, Lincoln planned out that Reconstruction would work in the slaves favor and his as well but it didn’t. Overall, Reconstruction wasn’t successful because instead of it benefiting African Americans it brought on many problems with only a few advantages. SOURCE 1: The Alabama Literacy Test was put into place in order for Whites to …show more content…

They could vote, join the house of representatives, and have the same protection when it comes to trials and sentences just like the Whites did. The Enforcement acts were passed to end violence and empower the president to use military force to protect african americans. ‘’...The senate passed two more force acts, also known as the Ku Klux Klan acts, designed to enforce the Fourteenth Amendment and the civil rights act of 1866.. The second force act… placed administration of national elections under the control of federal government and empowered federal judges and united states marshals to supervise local polling

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