Pros And Cons Of Reconstruction After The Civil War

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After the civil war and with the assassination of President Lincoln the south was forced to go through the reconstruction. Reconstruction was a highly oppressive system, under the guise of readmitting states into the union that the north used to make the rebel states pay for the civil war. The south was lawless to a certain degree and those who had been part of the confederacy were punished severely. Even coming to a point of having to beg the president for their rights For all practical purposes the north made reconstruction as hard for the south as possible, and because of this reconstruction caused more harm than good to either side. The bright spot of this dark time would have been the fact that many black people were able to live well. The former slaves enjoyed their rights as citizens of the united states. Some moved north while many stayed in the south. Many were able to go and represent their states in Washington D.C. …show more content…

Hayes was elected the north was tired of the war and reconstruction and wanted to move on. Politicians made a backroom deal and ended reconstruction, and the south was allowed to do as it pleased. During this time the racism that had been there all along resurfaced. The Black population began to lose many of its rights to the Jim crow laws, and segregation between black and white was soon instituted. The idea behind segregation was that the black and the white could not or should not mix. This led to the idea of separate but equal” that black and white people should be dealt with as equals but separately. In reality, this only led to the black community being treated as second class citizens. segregation was a system that would endure still for many

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