Pros And Cons On The Colony Of Boston

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Self Defence, or Murder? On March 5, 1770, on the main road of the colony of Boston, the soldiers of Captain Preston fired their guns towards the colonist who were violating their personal space. What is unknown is to weather Captain Preston said the order to fire the guns or not. Of those who were there to presence the act, few who are brave enough have come to speak for those in trial. First we have Jane Whitehouse, who claims that Captain Preston is NOT guilty. She says to have been enough meters away to witness the act but not talk with anyone. Jane insists that Preston did not order fire, but that he clearly said “Don’t fire”. “The mob was very violent and was distinctly violating their personal space, so why not defend themselves?” Next we …show more content…

He finds him innocent because at the end of the day, his soldiers fired, not him. Then, Daniela Calef asserts that Captain Preston is guilty, because he had one simple responsibility, his soldiers! “They breached the fundamental human right of living! Even if someone fired without order, there was enough time to stop them from the first shot, to the second. The question is, why didn’t he stop it?” Finally, we have the most important witness of them all. Captain Preston. He declares he didn’t say fire, but clearly, I state, “Don’t Fire”. “My soldiers are young and inexperienced, they acted out of self defence for they were just simply, very scared. It’s like this, would you blame a baby for crying if it’s was scared? After all, we were simply serving our rightful king. If we have all ready created a “massacre”, why would we want to spread it by killing me and my soldiers? They and myself have families to take care of that will probably be burned or be mistreated after we’re killed. Let’s not waste more innocent lives, and stop this once in for all”. After such a speech from each of the witnesses, who are we to believe? All it’s left to do is to see how the Prosecution and the Defence bring their

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