Psy 220 Week 1 Case Study Of Social Anxiety

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Throughout the human life, many events will occur that cause individuals to experience the feelings associated with anxiety. Examples of these events that can cause individuals to experience anxiety are public speaking engagements, eating in restaurants, and using public restrooms (Sands & Gellis, 2012). The diagnosis of anxiety is sustained when the emotion is experienced with significant frequency and intensity, when the psychosocial functioning of the individual is impeded, and when the reaction is not conducive with the stimulus (Sands & Gellis, 2012). In addition, a significant amount of individuals who are diagnosed with anxiety disorders face the challenges of maintaining employment, or becoming active participants within their communities because of tremendous distress. This paper discusses two key content areas within the readings of Sands and Gellis (2012), and Thuile, Even, and Rouillon (2008) including reactions to the aforementioned readings.
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Social anxiety disorder consists of experiencing a nonsensical fear of being exposed to a situation that requires performance or the observation of others (Sands & Gellis, 2012). Moreover, individuals that are affected by social anxiety are particularly sensitive to ridicule, embarrassment, or humiliation (Sands & Gellis, 2012). Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a chronic disorder that has the lowest proportion of recovery, but the highest proportion of psychiatric comorbidity, that including substance and alcohol abuse (Thuile, Even & Rouillon, 2008). This problematic occurrence causes significant concern related to the maintenance of patients diagnosed with

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